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Relief Centers / Legal Help

Click here to read post on the Greenshirts--a volunteer group helping residents of North Nashville.

The United Way of Davidson County runs a service to connect persons in need to sources of help.  All you have to do is dial 211 on your phone.  For flood victims, dial 211 and ask for information on "Restore the Dream," a program that assigns one-on-one assistance.  For more information about the Restore the Dream program or the centers that it operates, click here.  Five centers are open throughout the Nashville area.  

FEMA centers are closing/transitioning into Small Business Loan help centers.  Click here for more info. 
TN Disaster Legal Assistance Hotline 1-888-395-9297
9-5 M-F (starting Friday, May 7)  More information can be found here.

Click here for information on centers set up specifically to help Senior Citizens.