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General Information about Insurance

Here is some general information about insurance policies and coverage.

1. Homeowners and Standard Commercial Building Insurance Policies
Standard homeowners and commercial building insurance policies will not cover flood damage. They do, however, typically cover wind-related damage. If the water in your home was able to come into your home because of wind damage, your regular insurance policy might apply. If you lost power and had damage from the power loss, your regular insurance might apply. Contact your insurance agent even if you don't think that your loss will be covered. Some federal programs require that you first file a claim on your own coverage before you receive federal assistance.

2. Flood Insurance
If you own a home in certain designated flood plains, your lender should have required that you purchase flood insurance. Often, these policies will be paid out of your escrow account with your lender. If you do not know if you have flood insurance, contact your lender or servicer to see if payments have been made on a flood policy on your behalf.

3. Autos and Other Personal Property
If you had comprehensive coverage on your automobile policy, flood damage is likely covered. This would include any personal property you had in your vehicle, up to your policy limits. So, make a list of items such as cds, gps devices, and other property that may be covered by your insurance.